Sangeetha Agarwal is trained in the well-known Kalakshetra style of dance. She started learning Bharatanatyam when she was just three and a half years old and pursued rigorous training under Kumari Prasannavadani, a disciple of Kalakshetra in Chennai, India. She completed her Arangetram under the distinguished presence of Smt S.Sarada of Kalakshetra when she was 10 years old.

Sangeetha has given several performances in India and has been regularly performing in the United States. Some of her notable performances include the Cherry Blossom Centennial celebration, the International Showcase at the World Bank, a performance at the Indian American Community Organization of the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan area, as well as the National Council of Asian Indian Associations, attended by dignitaries from the government of the State of Maryland and Her Excellency, Smt. Nirupama Rao, India’s Ambassador to the United States.


Sangeetha Agarwal is also well-versed in Carnatic music and trained for several years under Smt. Vijayam, a local artist in Chennai. She has been performing and training disciples in the DC metro area in the tradition of Carnatic Music. Sangeetha belongs to a musical family. Her forefathers adorned the court of Sivaganga as Asthana Vidwans. One of her forefathers was the famous Periya Vaidhyanatha Iyer from Tanjore. With her passion for dance and music and a natural flair for teaching, Sangeetha hopes to spread the message of culture and love for the art for many years to come.


In May 2012, Sangeetha Agarwal received a Governor’s Citation from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia for enriching the lives of Virginia residents through arts and culture. Sangeetha strongly believes in spreading the art forms of dance and music in its purest form. She encourages her students to perform and showcase their talents.

Sangeetha has supported many non-profit organizations and has participated in fundraising events to support causes she believes in. Some notable ones include her collaborations with

● South Asian Dance Evolution, a benefit in support of joint surgical mission trips to Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

● Unique Foundation Inc., to help raise money for cancer research.

● Collaboration with Empowers, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports poor children with their tuition fees in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

● Murugan Temple of North America – Sangeetha organized a Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music program featuring all of her students and several accomplished guest performers from India to rasie funds for the temple.