We offer certification courses in Bharatanatyam in affiliation with Alagappa Performing Arts Academy (APAA) based out of Escondido, California, USA. APAA offers an online degree program in Bharathanatyam through Alagappa University. This well structured learning program has been developed by APAA in collaboration with the university and leading artists. The certifications currently offered are:

Certificate course (1 to 3 year duration)

This program gives you an understanding of basic concepts like Nritta, Nritya, Natya, history, Single and double hand gestures. You learn the basic steps (Adavus) followed by Allarippu, Kautukam and Shabdam. Note that the student must be minimum 10yrs of age to enroll for the program.

Associate program (1 year duration and after Certificate)

Introduction to expression is at this stage. Students also learn Todaya Mangalam  and Jatiswaram.

Diploma course (1 year duration and after Associate Degree)

Students delve deeper into the techniques of abhinaya exploring concepts like the sattvikka abhinaya, bhavas, Ashtanayikas and Sanchari’s. Dance recitals like the Padam and Varnam is learnt.

B.A Degree program (1 year duration and after Diploma)


The examinations are both practical and theory. The students are required to record the dance recitals in a CD and send it to APAA for grading. The theory includes both multiple choice and essay type questions. Students can give the theory test online using a login provided by APAA.

Please Contact us for more details on the certification programs. There are certain eligibility and age requirements.